Simple, fair price structure

Only 1.5% service fee per sold ticket + 0.50 CHF transaction fee

Unrivaled solution - High value, low Costs.

Our fairness initiative

  • No basic fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No setup fee
  • No refund fee

No hidden costs, no extra charges - this is our matter of honor!

Credit card charges - online payment

2.90 % + 0.30 CHF Per sold ticket

These fees will be billed by us 1:1 and go directly to the card providers.


Pass on fees and pay nothing yourself

If you sell tickets via Jamatu, you can share the fees with the buyers.

Free Event: free of charge for free events (free tickets or only with guest lists for private events)

Enter here the dates of an event and you already have the fees at a glance:

Quickly estimate your ticket revenue and fees

Your total revenue

CHF 0.00

Calculation per ticket
Price per ticket 0.00
Service fees 1.5% of ticket revenue + 0.50 CHF transaction fee per ticket 0.00
Credit Card fees 2.9% of ticket revenue + 0.30 CHF transaction fee per transaction * 0.00

Payout per ticket

*These fees will be passed 1 to 1 to the credit card company.

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